Friday, 19 September, 2008

A Conversation

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12:52 PM Amrita: "you're under arrest. The charge- trespassing in my dreams"
12:53 PM "you must be tired because you've been running through my mind all day"
12:54 PM "Do you have a map? Because I keep getting lost in your eyes"
  which one do you like best?
In Reply...

Why do want to arrest me now?
I have for long surrendered myself to you.
If I had been running it was to find an answer.
Can I love you and forget that we had been in love?
So that I can give myself to you over and over again?
Who knows what love is and how it is born?
I am just an ordinary man with no direction.
I lose my way home everyday.
I have no map to guide me out of the wilderness in my mind.
I had once walked by myself, drenched in rain and cheap liquor.
The rain drops had knit a curtain before my eyes through which I had seen a face.
The face is long lost now.
But what I have is so beautiful.
Those fawn like eyes of the princess of my dreams.
I wish I could see it till my hands can feel and my lips can touch.
                                                                  -- Nowhere Man
In answer...

Can you forget that you are alive?
Will a life without a hope be living?
Its not a life that doesn't dream...
It is a mere existence...
How can I forget that which gave me life?
Your mere presence, a brush of a finger on my cheek
A warm breath in my hair....
That rekindled hope and steadied my faltering dreams...
A whiff of fresh air, a burst of energy and I soar
The wind never turns, it takes me with it...
higher and higher to secret places...
Lets me be where ever whenever 
Doesn't hold my hands but I know its there
When I fall it cradles me in sweet embrace
I do not know what it is but I know it is here to stay
for ever and forever with you and me...

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mon-e-mukhorota... said...

awesome! this post would make anybody feel like romancing and dancing in the rain :-)
Way to go Amrita!

Colour me green

Fresh green leaves on old majestic trees are like a sudden splash of joy. An Old green gate rolling open into a vast stretch of green grass is my earliest memory. The field dotted with innumerable little people dressed in royal blue and white gave me a sudden burst of excitement.

The grounds were moody rather muddy during rains,light green and yellow with spots of earth in summer...It turned a brilliant hue after the rains and little people marched on the chalk dust lines during winters...the trampled grass came back to life in spring.

Splashes of Red

I have always owned a red dress all my life. whether it be a baby frock as a toddler or a slinky red skirt when I was older...and then the years of living in red t-shirts and then the hand me down red pants which turned everything in the washing machine red. Followed by the red salwar piece of clothing that I have always owned and wear till date is a red riding hood cloak. My grandmother knit it for me..... I always go red in the face whenever I am excited...I wish my face wasn't such an emotional barometer and i wasn't the sentimental fool that I am...


my dreams of being an artist being shattered..


Orange juice and lemon soul for a penny... All the school girls are so many... The grass is green and the rose is red... Remember me when you are dead dead dead... --lines learnt in nursery