Friday, 13 February, 2009

  Yet another of those events which make you want to take a walk down memory lane. We have very few pictures together but each one has a story to tell. Now just imagine how many stories Twenty five years would have to tell? Recently my parents celebrated their twenty fifth marriage anniversary. Rather they didn't have an option but to celebrate in style. My family and I decided to give my parents a party, it nearly turned into one of the much loved soap-opera's on daily television. What with self invited guests and unexpected twists and turns miraculously it was a success. As I sat with my trusty computer trying to put together the best moments of my parents lives I realized a simple collage is not enough to house so many memories. It is like trying to fit a lifetime of happiness in a paper boat. It is such an overwhelming thought. However thanks to my father we have photographs of every significant event of our lives. Just short of photographing his own wedding he has diligently clicked away with his numerous trusty cameras. The drawback being there are more pictures of me and then the birds and the beesand then my mother and very few of him. My mother and I have tried to make it up by photographing him after I was old enough and my mother confident enough to be trusted with his precious cameras. Nevertheless I managed to turn up with quite a few photographs and what resulted was a tiny peek at their lives.   

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Colour me green

Fresh green leaves on old majestic trees are like a sudden splash of joy. An Old green gate rolling open into a vast stretch of green grass is my earliest memory. The field dotted with innumerable little people dressed in royal blue and white gave me a sudden burst of excitement.

The grounds were moody rather muddy during rains,light green and yellow with spots of earth in summer...It turned a brilliant hue after the rains and little people marched on the chalk dust lines during winters...the trampled grass came back to life in spring.

Splashes of Red

I have always owned a red dress all my life. whether it be a baby frock as a toddler or a slinky red skirt when I was older...and then the years of living in red t-shirts and then the hand me down red pants which turned everything in the washing machine red. Followed by the red salwar piece of clothing that I have always owned and wear till date is a red riding hood cloak. My grandmother knit it for me..... I always go red in the face whenever I am excited...I wish my face wasn't such an emotional barometer and i wasn't the sentimental fool that I am...


my dreams of being an artist being shattered..


Orange juice and lemon soul for a penny... All the school girls are so many... The grass is green and the rose is red... Remember me when you are dead dead dead... --lines learnt in nursery